Question by  Greg4441 (15)

Where can you have access to free music downloads?

I want to legally download music.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

I'm not sure if any free music downloads company is ACTUALLY legal though some bands will allow you to download a few of their songs for free on MySpace. Also you can use the Download Helper Firefox add on to download music from the Playlist website. I'm not sure if that is legal though.


Answer by  mfluder (72)

Start a trial with emusic, napster, or another music download service. During the trial, you can download a bunch of songs for free before you cancel your membership. I had emusic for a while and it was actually pretty nice, but be careful -- lots of programs ask for credit card information and they autocharge you when your trial's done.


Answer by  jams15 (15)

Well, the truth i download music from ares which is a program that allows me to download any kind of music for free, plus it's fairly easy to handle and I can also say that is pretty fast when downloading.

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