Question by  psy (12)

Where can I take a security/fire alarm installer course?

I would like a job to install security and fire alarms.


Answer by  MikeyRickets94 (7)

You are really going to want to consult with the security company that you will work for in order to identify the best course. U of Phoenix has classes.


Answer by  shogan808 (32)

You could take sessions at Automatic Fire Alarm Association online courses from 20-40 minutes each session could teach you how to easily install fire alarms.


Answer by  kmcmenamey (42)

You can contact the National Alarm Association of America and receive a manual to follow on how to install a fire alarm. Also, you can take online classes through the Automatic Fire Alarm Association. Basic fire alarms and security systems you will probably be able to find online manuals on how to install.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Chek with a security or firem alarm company. They may have special training for these things once you are hired by the company. They may teach you all you need to know.


Answer by  davondab (107)

A good place to begin your search for classes would be at your junior college or one of the trade schools in your area. Doing a Google search will provide a good starting place to finding a school in your area.

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