Question by  Dave (29)

How do you install a window air conditioner?

I need to install a window unit air conditioner.


Answer by  jstoltz (29)

All you need to do to install a window air conditioner is make sure you pick a window that has the correct power receptacle under or at least within the air conditioner's power cord. Some are 110 volts others are 220 volts. Then insert the window air conditioner into the window and plug it in.


Answer by  ndix (22)

Install mounting brackets onto the windowsill. Adjust center screw to level. Open window. Slide unit over the sill and onto the mounting brackets. Close window to the top of the conditioner casing. Secure sashes to each other with angle brackets. Use foam to insulate gaps. Tilt unit slightly for drainage.


Answer by  Anonymous

Follow the manufacturer's instructions as well as tips from experienced people. If you don't have the instructions, the manufacturer's website probably will have a copy, perhaps in PDF. Otherwise, call or write requesting a new copy if your schedule allows, or get one from the place you bought the AC.


Answer by  frank52 (151)

Installing a window air condition a farely easy. Make sure you have at least two people the units can be heavy. The unit comes with basic installation instruction just follow them and you will be fine.


Answer by  JimIngram (115)

To install a window air conditioner you must measure for a proper fit. After checking the fit you prop air conditioner on the lower sill and close the window on top insuring that it will not fall out. You then expand the sides the slides on the sides to insure a proper seal and plug it in.


Answer by  mike90 (71)

Be sure the unit will fit the window selected and that there is a plug-in close by for power,buy a window mounting bracket from local hardwear store

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