Question by  sherriw (14)

Should you install carpet in a house before you install the hardwoods?

I need to install hardwoods and carpet and would like to know which to install first.


Answer by  FinanceGuy (82)

Hardwood should be installed first. Hardwood installation will create dirt and dust that you do not want the carpet to pick up. Also, if the carpet will meet the hardwood in any room, the carpet should be stretched to the hardwood and tucked between the tackstrip and hardwood.


Answer by  Emily76 (58)

Generally yes. By installing carpeting first you avoid the possiblity of getting glue from the installtion prosess all over your band new floors. However, if you are able to install both at the same time that would be ideal. It might be tricky to navigate the workers but in the end it's best.


Answer by  butchbri (33)

Install the hardwood floor before the carpet. That way, you will have a cleaner edge to the carpet and not have to guess how much carpet you need.


Answer by  Jerry35 (56)

Install the hardwoods first. Carpet should be installed last because there it can be ruined much easier than hardwoods. Hardwood floors have to be stained and sanded. There is a chance that the stain could get on the carpet and ruin it. Also the glue used to fasten the hardwoods could ruin carpet.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

I don't see a problem, as the transition strip from wood to carpet is they key..its a matter of preference I believe

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