Question by  alyo032000 (7)

Where can I see old episodes of "Judge Judy?"

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Answer by  maryanita (156)

The best place to watch all of Judge Judy's episodes is on DVD. While you can purchase the DVDs, it is cheaper to see if your local public library has them available to check out. If your county library doesn't, remember that many adjacent counties have policies that allow you to acquire a library card.


Answer by  Frank46 (44)

Try websites like hulu and vuze. They have all kinds of old shows. Additionally you could probably find old episodes on torrent sites if you are tech savvy. You could also try your local cable providers "on demand" service.


Answer by  colorbug35 (11)

The online website click potato has multitudes of episodes. It should easily be found on this website. Also megavideo has multiple shows like this. It can also be located there.


Answer by  jimmygumb (93)

You can find several clips from the show on the internet's plethora of video hosting sites, but if you want consistency and quality, search online stores for DVDs of the show, if you love it that much, it's worth buying.

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