Question by  jmcooperbellsouthnet (19)

Where can I put hamsters for sale?

My hamsters had babies.


Answer by  jf12 (179)

A good source for selling pets would be your local pet store. You could also put an ad in your local newspaper. Another place to offer your hamsters for sale would be online. Craigslist is a great place to advertise many things for sale.


Answer by  fiuinha (82)

First if you have a facebook account you should take some pictures and write that recently your hamsters had babies. Post by saying the price, race and advantages of having hamsters as pets.Another option is going to local pet stores and say that you want to sell the hamster babies,the personnel usually tends to be very receptive to it.


Answer by  simba (187)

Many veterinary hospitals have bulletin boards available for their clients to post things on such as "hamsters for sale". While waiting in the lobby, many people will view the posts.


Answer by  wjrbooker (67)

You can put an ad up for your hamster babies in your local newspaper, in the classified section. To my knowledge, the fee for is very reasonable.


Answer by  sharon1a1 (15)

you should try and give it to a local petstore if the petstore wants it.

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