Question by  Olin (101)

Where can I obtain free furniture plans for cats?

I would like to build some furniture for my cats.


Answer by  LaneyRae (115)

Check out your local library, because it is one great source of free information of all kinds. The other idea is going to a cat lover's online forum and seeing if they have any to share.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

There are many plans available on the internet and some of them are free. I would suggest you look at the available models and make your own plans specifically for your cats and your home.


Answer by  Anna8413 (67)

I think you should search with a search engine, for example with Google, you should search on important keywords like cat, furniture, plan and free. Or you should go to the local pet store for assistance, perhaps the employers can give you some advices


Answer by  stellargamebirds (121)

One can obtain plans by searching on the internet. There are many forums out there as well with many knowledgable people who can help one build furniture for cats. Also on the search engines there can be free plans by just indicating what one is looking for in the desired search.


Answer by  catlover66 (112)

has a bunch of diffrent plans for cat furniture for free to print out. If they dont have what you are looking for try /catsplay. between the two sites they have allmost everything you could want to find.

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