Question by  Eia (24)

How can I get free things in Las Vegas?

I need information on obtaining free things in Vegas.


Answer by  EJAS (24)

There are many things you can get for free in Vegas. During the day there are usually staffers handing out coupons for free entrance into the clubs that night in front of the hotels. If you spend a lot of time in one casino you can ask for comps. Comps can range from free food to tickets, etc.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

You can get free things in Las Vegas by being a high roller. Splash around a lot of cash on the casino floor and attract the attention of a casino host.


Answer by  mncs8255 (25)

Best way to get free things "comps" in Vegas is to gamble a lot. The more you gamble the more free drinks, room upgrades, dinners, etc you will be offered.


Answer by  OSUBuckeye (11)

Free entertainment at the hotels is where you should look first. A large number of the hotels on the strip offer visitors free entertainment. Visitors can find lions, pirate and laser light shows, volcano eruption, impersonators, dancing fountains, movie memorabilia, and circus acts.


Answer by  JustinD (25)

Las Vegas holds many opputunities to receive free food, drinks, etc. Tourists that gamble at a casino's game tables generally get free drinks, food, etc. while gambling. Also, it is a good idea to look for coupons on travel sites for 2 for 1 deals.

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