Question by  senthilmuruganv (2)

Where can I get Terra Data study material?

I have a job interview, and I need to know a bit more about the company.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

The first stop for information about a company would be their website. Then Google them. They will be Googling you! Read through their annual report if you can get a look at it online. Ask anyone you know that's in the same field. Good luck!


Answer by  jackkie32 (20)

The name of the company is actually Teradata and you can find out more from: - their company About Us page - Wikipedia - LinkedIn profile The About Us page is the best page to go with because the company will want to present an accurate explanation of what they do.


Answer by  prathibhamenon (96)

A lot of online Teradata course materials are available which is completely accurate and efficient for certification process. The ePlanet Labs is the one in which the details of the courses are available. It can have free downloadable options for progressing through trainings and is a 100%guranteed site for success. Updating done through email notifications.


Answer by  prasath25 (46)

the entire details about the company is available in the companies website. wikipedia is helpful for the famous company to collect the transactions, highlights, net profit, number of employees working etc. ,


Answer by  sugandhi (12)

First you want to know the addres of the company. In which place it is located ,sometimes the company may be situated in other states,and nearby towns. If you want more details and for conformation you can ask your friends and relations who stay near to that company. Also we can find more details in Internet.

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