Question by  Scott (109)

Where can I find study material for the civil services exam?


Answer by  CarolR (61)

If you have internet access, search for study material online. If not, your local library or bookstores are great resources, and have clerks who can help if you have questions.


Answer by  creativejeans (14)

A great website is the public service employees network. There are studyguides and you can request a test guide for the particular job you are looking for.


Answer by  patti (29325)

If you check Amazon's website, you'll find a number of study guides. Barron's and ARCO are noted for the prep books they publish in a variety of areas. There are also a lot of websites and online study groups. Google "civil service exam prep" and you'll get a long list.


Answer by  ElizabethVaughan (4)

One can find study material for the civil service exam through any official material that is provided during class. Alternatively, the internet has a wide range of civil service material that, when sifted through, can provide the necessary information to pass the exam well.


Answer by  mgison014 (171)

If you want to take the civil service exam and you want to some review materials, some of that materials you can find in book stores or even try visiting some site in the internet. You can also try looking for review class that are available near your place. or you can try in libraries.


Answer by  CC1030 (3)

Civil service study material can be purchased both online and at book stores. Available in the form of study guides, practice tests, as well as books.

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