Question by  danielle420 (11)

Where can I get questions for the "Would You Rather" game?

They don't sell it in stores. I checked.


Answer by  Jesse34 (6)

You can find would you rather on Amazon and they have it for some pretty reasonable prices. There are also games for sale on ebay. There are many different versions that you can buy on either of these websites.


Answer by  skullsniper (13)

You could look them up on the internet but the questions usually just pop in your head. You could make some up from past experiences like as of one day you see a guy juggle knives then you see a guy juggle torches on fire. That is a way to get questions forthe game.


Answer by  DimitarFiliuca (3)

I think you might find this game on the internet vendors that produce the game or you can find it on forums maybe someone still got this game and can sell it to you.

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