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Question by  devraj (15)

Where can I get blue shoes for prom?

My dress is white with a blue sash and I want shoes to match perfectly.


Answer by  broper (83)

Almost any shoe store can dye shoes to match. It takes a few weeks to get them back. I know Payless Shoes did it for us for a wedding I was in. Each dress was a different color and they did each pair of shoes to match.


Answer by  alz (2329)

They have shoes called dyeables that allow someone to choose the exact color they want to match a specific outfit. This is the route I would take if you are looking to match the color exactly.


Answer by  gin (366)

One of the places you can go is to you local bridal supply shop. Many of them can do color match. If they cannot match the color they may be able to tell you where else to go.


Answer by  JayneR (183)

If you cannot find blue shoes in any shoe stores, why not buy white or cream bridal shoes and dye them? For satin shoes you can buy fabric dye or for leather/ plastic shoes, you can buy paints that will stick to it.

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