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Question by  Benny19 (35)

Who makes rhinestone prom shoes?

Rhinestone prom shoes would be perfect for my dress.


Answer by  lillybaby (103)

You can look in stores like "Icing" and "Kohl's" and I am pretty sure one of them would have rhinestone prom shoes. Even stores like "Payless", a very popular, cheap, shoe store, would probably have them. In fact, I was in Payless yesterday and I saw some cute Rhinestone heels!


Answer by  abc123 (31)

This depends on many things especially the price you are willing to pay. At DSW I notice a brand called Nina that sells a lot of shoes in different colors with rhinestones on them. It is hit or miss there but perhaps Nina has a specific website. Try piperlime which allows you to sort by what you are looking for.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Steve Madden makes some cute rhinestone shoes that would look good with a prom dress. DSW has a ton of different brands and dress shoes and I bet that the would have a pair of cute rhinestone heels there.

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