Question by  ambal (9)

How can I restore the smell of leather to old upholstery?

I inherited some old leather furniture. It's in excellent condition, but doesn't smell like leather like it used to.


Answer by  LaTeaDa6 (7)

There is actually a product you can buy called Leather fragrance, offered on the website that will restore that new leather smell. They also have one for suede products.


Answer by  sprintjapan (85)

If you are looking for an easy and fast product then use Leatherique. Car enthusiast use this product to get back that new fresh luxury leather smell. As long as it is leather then it will work on anything. Many people gave good reviews about this product most of them Mercedes Benz owners


Answer by  Novemberfire (322)

You may wish to try using a leather cleaner or conditioner first and if that doesn't work, there are leather scent products you can purchase to recreate the scent.


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

There's an old trick among the natives to this. You have to make sure you give the leather room to breathe. This will require some tricky navigating but you'll do ok.

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