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Question by  Ident30 (33)

Where can I get a good price on Hampton Bay ceiling fans?


Answer by  loribugher (462)

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are available at Lowe's and Home Depot. Lowe's is often the best on price. You can also look on eBay. Shipping might be prohibitive there, but you can get good prices on brand new fans on eBay. A great site to look at styles is to get an idea of what you're looking for.


Answer by  Djbruton (583)

The first thing to do is to check Ebay or Craig's list. Some of those fans from Hampton Bay are still new in the box, but half the price. If you don't find them there, I would go to Lowes or Home Depot. If there is not a style you find with those stores, find a supplier, but haggle!


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are the house brand for Home Depot. You will find them in a wide price range and they run sales at various times of the year.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are sold at Home Depot, You may be able to find discontinued models on discount shopping sites like Overstock and PriceGrabber.

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