Question by  Severin (22)

Where can I get a good price on a Coach tote hag?

I know the exact one I want but I need a good price.


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

Oftentimes you can find good deals at Coach outlet stores. Other options include eBay (watch out for fakes!) and price comparison websites. Also sometimes sample sales sell designer bags.


Answer by  Mandy59 (242)

You are not going to get that bag without handing over your arm and leg in a retail store. Your best bet would be to shop at an outlet or to look at biz rate to compare the prices of the bag you want online. I definitley think that you would have better luck finding what you want online.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

Go to your local upscale deparment store and watch for sales, especially when seasons are changing. Often time there are wonderful deals on purses. If they are still too expensive at a store, try Ebay. Ebay has millions of items for half the price!


Answer by  davelang (235)

The best place to find expensive items online is wholesale retailers. Also check your local Goodwill's and Salvation Army's, they always have cheap, rare finds.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

The best place to look might be an online auction site like Ebay. I know a number of people who have found good prices for Coach bags there and been very happy with the product they received. If you don't mind a second hand bag you could also consider putting a posting online stating the model that you want.

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