Question by  brain (24)

How much light will I get from Hampton Bay solar lights?

I need to throw some light on my deck stairs for safety.


Answer by  Taylor17 (155)

These are LED Lights that are powered by the Sun. They are pretty effective lights. They will last almost all night till about 4 am in the morning they will start to blink when they are running low on energy. They provide enough light to easily light up your stairs.


Answer by  apples (39)

Hampton Bay offers a wide variety of solar lighting products that will meet any need or desire. Anyones deck or yard space can be enhanced by Hampton Bay's products.


Answer by  Steve99 (5)

On an average sunny day charge it provides upto 8 hours of operating time and has got a 2.4 lumen output. Its bright and worth the money.


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

Hampton Bay solar lights are bright and provide excellent illumination. You'll need to care to ensure that the AA rechargeable batteries are fully charged before you first use the lights for the first time, otherwise the light given off will be dim and not suitable for use as stairway safety lighting.


Answer by  Taylor17 (155)

Hampton Bay solar lights are an led light which are powered by the solar energy from the sun. This Solar light kits are great specially if you are wanting to light up a stair case or a garden plot. They provide enough light to safely travel a path way or stairs.

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