Question by  Kieger (37)

How do I find a GE universal remote control code?


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

There are several ways to find a universal remote code, The first is if you have the book the codes will be there, the next is to look it up on the internet, and another way is to do a code search with the remote.


Answer by  mahee (720)

I can find a GE universal remort control code by following some steps. first turn on the equipment what i want to program.Then press & hold code search or setup till light turns on.Press & release button for the device of program then press & release the power button till device turns off & press the enter button.


Answer by  Answerer27 (83)

You can try simply googling it or you can go to the GE website and look for your model. I had this problem a few weeks back and was able to find it by typing in my model number on google.


Answer by  aaronm (39)

It could be any of the following codes: 000/ 003/ 004/ 009/ 022/ 031/ 044/ 052/ 054/ 055/ 087/ 092/ 103/ 107/ 125/ 164/ 181.

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