Question by  Cris77 (163)

Where can I find instructions on how to build a two-stage rocket?

My son wants to build one for a science fair project.


Answer by  gliagirl (6)

A good way to teach your son about both rockets and information seeking is to take him to your local public library and take out a book on the subject.


Answer by  kevincai96 (669)

Look on google, this should be your first option. However, make sure your son knows what he is doing. Being an experienced rocketeer, many things could go wrong with staging, so I don't reccommend it as a science fair project. A simpler idea would be better. Nonetheless, if/it is a rocket motor type (not water/rocket) then a search/engine should/be enough.


Answer by  Washburn (6)

Model Rocket Building for the Evil Genius is a good book to check out. I bought the book a couple of years ago and the information in it is great. It tells you how to build all sorts of rockets at home. It's very cool.


Answer by  Sameh (8)

you can find it Nasa for example and also you can buy the technology from Russa or France where they are advanced in such this carers

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