Question by  bjohnst (23)

Where can I find plans to build a wooden porch swing?

I want to build one that is made of slats.


Answer by  gdawg1812 (6)

The fastest and most economical option available to you is the internet. Simply Google it and you are guaranteed to find multiple websites that will provide you great information. However, you can also seek this information at your local home and garden store, such as Home Depot or Lowes. There you can purchase a "how to" guide boook.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

Home Depot has free plans for all kinds of crafts including this one. Go to the lumbar department and their should be a do it yourself computer that will take you through all of the different projects they have. You can select this one and it will print out a materials list as well as instructions.


Answer by  askandyoushallreceive (658)

Do a Google search and search "slatted wooden porch swing plans" or something to that degree. Many plans cost a fee but I'm sure there are free ones.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

Doing a simple web search for those plans will lead to you a plethora of options and designs for porch swings

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