Question by  LeighDear (23)

Where can I find fireproof sheetrock?


Answer by  Desne (27)

Fireproof sheetrock can be purchased at any home improvement store or lumber yard. Regular sheetrock can also be fireproof if you were to double two 5/8 sheets which provides you a two hour rated fireproof wall and is more cost effective than fireproof sheetrock. Fireproof sheetrock is used in kitchens, and as wall barriers between buildings.


Answer by  brianpazdernik (35)

You should be able to find fireproof sheetrock at your local lumberyard. If they dont carry it in stock ask them to special order it in for you. Make sure you have your measurements this will help in not ordering to much.


Answer by  Scot (591)

Sheetrock by its very nature tends to be fireproof. When purchasing sheetrock, one has to decide the gauge or thickness as it relates to where the product will be placed(i. e. how fireproof it should be).


Answer by  geetloaf (61)

At any good lumber yard or construction materials distributor. It can also be found at certain big box home centers.

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