Question by  basschica07 (14)

Where can I find Craftmaster water heaters?

I live in Johnson City, Tenn.


Answer by  zatix (7)

You can find Craftmaster water heaters below address. Address: Order Entry & Sales P.O. Box 4056 500 Princeton Rd. Johnson City, TN 37602-4056 and also reach the company below phone and fax numbers. Phone: 800.937.1037 Fax: 800.581.7224 I hope the answer satisfying for you. Best regards, Have a good day.


Answer by  Anna8413 (67)

You should go to the official page of Craftmaster and look for information about shop locations. Or you should contact them for order a product. Or you can find water heater in this address: Order Entry & Sales P.O. Box 4056 500 Princeton Rd. Johnson City.


Answer by  Dahloan (294)

You can purchase a Craftmaster water heart at the local Lowes in Johnson City, Tennessee. The company also has an online website where their heaters can be purchased.


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

Your best bet would be to go onto their site and search for the water heater that you would like to purchase. There are many that you can find, and it is possible that it can be shipped to your house if you don't live close enough to buy one from their on site location.

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