Question by  acanswer (17)

Where can I find a Taiwanese porridge restaurant.

I want to eat at a Taiwanese Porridge restaurant.


Answer by  stillinbr (30)

When visiting Singapore, take the MRT to Kallang. After exiting the train you must walk approximately 1km to 50 Stadium Blvd where you will find Oasis Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant.


Answer by  debiup (25)

Cafe Japon is a great Taiwanese Porridge Restaurant in Tampa Florida. Atmosphere and food are very authentic. Not to mention it very conveniently located. I'd go back!!


Answer by  sara99 (851)

The restaurant is in the Oasis Building which is located at 50 Stadium Boulevard in Singapore 397796 in the district of Kallang. They are open for Lunch from 11am - 3pm and Dinner from 6pm - 4am.


Answer by  mdjames26 (533)

The easiest way to find a good Taiwanese restaurant that serves porridge is to conduct a basic online search using the internet. Once you have found a restaurant that is near you, you can call asnd ask about their menu options.


Answer by  vera0514 (26)

There is a A & J restaurant in California. The address is as follows: 1269 East Valley Blvd. Alahambra, CA. 91801 You can contact them at (626)284-3549

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