Question by  Don12 (44)

Where can I find Disney World restaurant discounts?

I will be taking my family to Disney World next month and we need to save money on food.


Answer by  LuAnn64 (26)

Any travel agent will be able to show you packages that include meals. This is often much more affordable that simply taking your chances when you get there. You could also search on the internet for discounts and coupons, although you would need to be careful that these are legitimate.


Answer by  RachelW (932)

The best place to find Disney World discounts is often through Disney employees! Call the booking lines and ask for any available discounts - you may even be able to get a dining plan for free. In addition, AAA and Birnbaum's Guide often offer discounts to their customers.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There is a website called MouseSavers that offers coupons and deals at the various Disney eateries. Package deals sometimes include discounts as well. Eating in the park is a bit pricey, but it sure beats interrupting your day to leave the premises. Google "disney restaurant discounts" and you'll find a number of informative sites.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Your travel agent should have included with your package a discount on all resteraunts at Disney World, that's what our agent did.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Many Disney packages include some meals or have coupons for discounts at the various restaurants in the park. When you arrange the trip, inquire about these packages.


Answer by  linsm (898)

One way to save money on food while at Disney, is to get online and check out the restaurants that you will dine at. Many of the restaurants will provide special offers and printable coupons online. You may also search online coupon offers that are printable as well.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You may want to only use the park restaurant for only one special meal because it is very expensive. There are many good restaurants around the park and you will save a lot of money that way.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

Disney offers a dining package. You can check with your local travel agent or go online and purchase the dining package. The dining package will cover all of your food, drinks, and snacks while you are there.


Answer by  Marianna (49)

There are a lot of websites dedicated to coupons. Another good way to save money on food is to look for the "kids eat free when with a parent" sign.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

You can find them at various places on the net. Best thing to do is type Disney restaurant discounts in a search engine and go from there.


Answer by  MickeyandMini (0)

Walt Disney World(R) owned restaurants do not offer coupons. Cast Members, Passholders, and Disney Visa Card holders may be eligible for discount. If you are a Florida Resident or Passholder, you can purchase Tables in Wonderland (Discount Program). Otherwise, you'll definitely want to consider adding a prepaid dining plan.

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