Question by  chappystick (43)

Where can I find a quick charge hvac unit?

I need to install a quick charge hvac unit.


Answer by  frank52 (151)

A good place to find quick charge hvac unit is on the internet. Another place is go to your local hvac dealer.


Answer by  JimIngram (115)

A quick charge hvac unit can be purchased at a supply house sells hvac equipment. A quick charge unit is attached to the charging line and is used to speed the freon charging process.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

You could visit your local appliance or home repair store, they should have whatever brand of Hvac unit you need. granted buying new units tends to be fairly expensive. Its also possible that you could visit a junk yard and find the parts or total unit that you need there at a modest price.

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