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Question by  raj56 (16)

Where can I buy fake trees?

I want them for my finished basement family room where there's no natural light.


Answer by  krisnair84 (211)

You can likely buy fake trees at craft stores, such as Michael's or Jo-Annes. They generally carry fake flowers and trees.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Any large box store will have them. Home Depot, Walmart, etc. You could also try garden centers, but the trees might be a little more expensive there. Shop around some yard sales on the weekends, too. You might find some great bargains there. Also, look in the classifieds ads in your local paper.


Answer by  sooz (644)

Fake trees can be found just about anywhere. You can find them at craft stores, furniture stores, department stores that sell furniture and home decor stores. Many sites on the internet also sell fake trees. Amazon, ebay and Overstock all sell fake trees at very decent prices and they are very realistic looking too.


Answer by  lyta (95)

Fake trees are a great decoration piece. You can buy them at decoration stores in your city or even through the internet in sites such as or

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