Question by  Kimberly (253)

Can I buy rock salt at the grocery store?

If not, then where can I buy it?


Answer by  jp1999 (231)

Rock salt is available grocery stores. It is usually located by the ice cream makers. It is rarely placed with other salt because it is not for consumption.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

Rock salt is available at your grocery store. It is generally located in the spice section of the baking aisle. You will find it on a lower shelf near the salt.


Answer by  clewis (18)

Rock salt is generally available at grocery stores, although more likely during the winter months. Most stores will not dedicate valuable display space for such a seasonal item, but if you a Customer Service Representative they may be able to locate a bag in the stock room.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

All of the grocery stores I frequent carry rock salt on their shelves. Usually it can be found wherever they stock the regular table salt, Kosher salt, etc. You should also be able to find it in hardware stores and some drugstores.


Answer by  lam (184)

I haven't ever seen rock salt sold at a grocery store. I would recommend vising a hardware store to buy rock salt. My family owns a hardware store and I think they pretty much carry it year round. The only other place I can think of is at a Wal-Mart... not sure if they'll have it.


Answer by  Craig61 (358)

I have found it at the grocery store or at Wal-mart by the ice cream machines. I also saw at Target but it was overpriced.

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