Question by  Huntress (1935)

Where can I buy Yu Gi Oh cards?

My son collects them. Can I buy them at a comic book store?


Answer by  wolferiver (122)

Many comics stores carry Yu-Gi-Oh, as do collectible card shops. There are collectibles conventions and sales that sell them, and of course, they abound on ebay and similar sites.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

There are multiple places you can buy the Yu Gi Oh cards. I have seen them at Walmart and also at comic stores.


Answer by  kdg1285 (73)

I'm sure they have them at a comic book store, I would try finding one in your area and call them to ask before you go there. Try looking for them on eBay, you would be surprised how many people sell their collectibles on there. Also try Craig's List to see if anyone in your area has them for sale!


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Yes, you will be able to get them at your nearest comic book store and you can also get them online.

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