Question by  pholios (20)

What can I do about my problem with my Japanese maple trees' leaves dying?

I have several trees and all the leaves are dying.


Answer by  Jim24 (25)

Could be several possibilities. Too much water and poor drainage could cause root rot. Some trees like partial shade. Are the trees planted in the appropriate hardiness zone?


Answer by  lmahoney (20)

There could be several things that are causing your Japanese Maple tree to have drying leaves. Make sure you are not overwatering the plant, that it has the proper drainage and is not getting too much sun. Also a fugal disease Verticillium Wilt could be to blame, usually causing the margins of the leaf to turn brown.


Answer by  NvyWfy (37)

Make sure your watering your trees properly, too much and it causes root rot. Too little, and it starves to death. They must not be in direct light or in windy areas. Look over your trees and see if there are any signs of insects or animals eating the leaves. Prune the leaves annually to maintain good health and shape.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Leaves dying on a Japanese maple could have many causes. It could be down to insect infestation, insufficient watering, over-watering, or another cause. Make sure the trees have sufficient nourishment. If the leaves are dying in isolated parts of the tree, it might be worth pruning the dead branches to see if that helps.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

Trees should be located in semi-shade areas, adjust the location or shading as necessary. They don't require much water, and need a good draining soil in the area. If they have been getting alot of rain, it will cause the leaves to die. Check for any spots on the leaves for pests or fungus.


Answer by  Kevin41 (16)

All mine did the same. The weather was not nice to them. Just keep watering every 2 to 3 days. All mine put out new foliage.

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