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Question by  KingJohn (61)

Where can I buy candle wax?

I want to make candles.


Answer by  sooz (644)

Candle wax can be found at just about any craft store in your area. Most craft stores sell candle wax, scents, containers, etc. for candle making.


Answer by  fliptop (126)

Many craft stores such as "Michael's" sell large containers of candle wax, which comes in a container of small pearl-like wax balls. They melt easily. Ordering candle wax online is also easy - you'll just need to pay for shipping instead of gas!


Answer by  bcqtpie (15)

you can typically buy candle wax at any craft and/or hobby store. craft stores will have a greater selection of colors and scents to help create the perfect candle making experience

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