Question by  Gus28 (683)

What is the best way to get candle wax off a cherry end table?

The spilled wax is not hardened on the table.


Answer by  JustMeKC (341)

Lay a washcloth over the spilled Wax and turn your iron on as low as it will go. Gently hold the Iron over the Washcloth, and let the heat permeate the washcloth until it is hot.The wash cloth will melt and absorb the wax. Do not press or turn the heat up to high.


Answer by  VictoriaG (40)

Place an absorbant paper towel over the wax as soon as possible to soak up the excess. Once the wax dries use a fresh papertowel and a blow dryer which will heat the excess wax up allowing the papertowel to absorb the left over wax.


Answer by  robsreason (54)

Moving quickly, wet a wash cloth with extremely hot water and wipe immediately. Wax will harden very quickly, if wax hardens continue to 'melt' the wax off with wash cloth, or try using the flat end of a credit card to scrape wax off without damaging your table.


Answer by  Monica44 (224)

Before it hardens, get a old cloth and wipe it up. With one part water, one part vinegar, wipe the table where the wax used to be and that should get all the left over residue.


Answer by  Worksforme (467)

Wipe off all you can with a soft cloth. Then finish removing with a dryer sheet. Just keep rubbing across the wax until it is all gone. Polish the table.


Answer by  Gus28 (683)

The safest way would be to heat the wax with a hair dryer and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

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