Question by  cates48 (20)

Where can I buy a Ouija board?


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Just about anywhere that sells board games. Target sells them. Amazon. com sells them. Any decent toy store will sell them.


Answer by  E (15)

Ouija boards are available in multiple locations, from brick and mortar stores such as Target, to online mega-conglomerates like Amazon, or specialty stores both online and in your town.

posted by Anonymous
but those boards dont work, there fake.!  add a comment

Answer by  Mar (428)

Ouija boards can easily be found in any of the major retail chains e. g. Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, K-Mart in the toy department.

posted by Anonymous
I have checked several Walmarts and they don't seem to have them.
I'll try Target next. I know the Walmarts used to have them though  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

target would be the best place to go


Answer by  localgirl808 (405)

Most toy stores in the United States sell Ouija boards. If you want one made with expensive materials, though, there are several online retailers who sell them (e. g. Amazon).


Answer by  Anonymous

You can find a Ouija Board in any of your toys stores or a big shopping outlit like Target, K-Mart, Walmart, or at a mall. But if you buy a Ouija Board, BE CAREFUL!!!! You DO NOT know what you will contact. You can contact a bad ghost.


Answer by  TheTide (72)

You should be able to find a Ouija board at any toy store. This is especially true if you look at the larger, nationwide chain toy stores.


Answer by  Anonymous

maybe in the national bookstore in the board games


Answer by  Anonymous

Spencers or a thrift store

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