Question by  droford (53)

How can you safely use an Ouija board?

I know there are some rules and guidelines that will keep the board from becoming scary or contacting anyone dangerous.


Answer by  Spock (261)

1) Never use a Ouija board alone. 2) Use it only with trusted friends. 3) Always remember that you are in charge of the board: you have the power to dismiss any entity that becomes troublesome. 4) If you are not confident in your own strength, do not use it.


Answer by  Shelly83 (29)

The guidelines to using an Ouija board are to know that it is simply for entertainment. There are no risks of calling up ghosts or demons because they do no exist. The reason the pointer seems to move in response to questions is that those touching it move it unconsciously. In other words, have fun.


Answer by  ZackSmith (35)

Legend has it that if you use a ouija board by yourself, the spirits you contact can possess your body, so it's best to have friends with you.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Not according to the Bible. You are inquiring into the spirit world which can be extremely dangerous. Look at what demons did to people in the Bible.

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