Question by  cochise (10)

When your partner lies does that mean they love you?

My spouse lies to me.


Answer by  hoshikaze (25)

In most cases, people lie to protect themselves. Sometimes a loved one will claim they lied to protect you from pain, but really they just don't want to deal with your reaction to the truth. So no, I don't think that lying is a sign of love.


Answer by  Kjkj (139)

It depends on what he or she is lying about I suppose. If you ask him "do I look fat?" and he says no but is lying, then he probably loves you. Or wants to be nice, at least. If he is lying about important things, something is wrong there.


Answer by  rosen (218)

Lies are not meant to fool us and it sometimes save us from a great disaster. Hence, the lies of a spouse never ever fool us in all sense.

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