Question by  Lalaurie (48)

How can I become a better lover?

I feel like my partner will love me more.


Answer by  RM49 (274)

The best way to be a good lover is to consciously think of both your needs all the time. In bed, do some things that you might not like at all, but your partner loves.


Answer by  Bizybee (134)

Communication is the key to better any relationship. Become true friends that are able to express the most intimate desires and fantasies in a very sensitive and caring way.


Answer by  Laura89 (157)

Communication. Talk to your partner and listen to what he/she says. While in bed respond to what he/she says feels good or what they like. Everyone is turned on my different things and the only way to really know what they like is to ask.


Answer by  bluesun (96)

The most important thing is to love yourself. If you do not have love and respect for yourself, how could you love someone else? Love yourself first!


Answer by  mintacular (11)

Oral sex is always the key. Once you master the art of felatio your partner will never want to leave your side.

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