Question by  Bob888 (10)

When you get a 404 error, how do you fix it so you can get to the web page?

I keep getting this error when I try to watch videos.


Answer by  redboxrazor (21)

A 404 error usually indicates that a page has been moved or deleted. It is not the result of a connection problem between your computer and the web server. If you are concerned that the owner of a particular website is unaware of the error, it may be a good idea to contact and inform him/her.


Answer by  Sabotag (65)

404 errors are not coming from your computer, it is an error from the website. The page may have been deleted or is under maintenance.


Answer by  samDonna (5)

404 is a HTTP status code error "Not Found 404" or "Page Not Found", It point out the server was unable to find the requested address. You can fix the 404 error with Google Webmaster Tools.

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