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Question by  Mike39 (320)

When was the largest Scottish immigration to the US?


Answer by  BillyBingham (65)

The largest Scottish Immigration happened in the late 1800's to the early 1900's and that's when professional golf came from today. Yes that's right kilts and all.


Answer by  midnightfox17 (66)

The largest number of immigrants from Scotland occurred in 1921 - 1930 with about 159,781. The earlier recorded amount was between the years 1881-1890, with about 139,869 immigrants.


Answer by  hmgx28 (13)

There is no exact number for any dates of Scottish immigration, but what is usually considered the largest is Scottish migration to U. S. between 1717 to 1770 into Philadelphia.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

The largest migration of Scots came early, between about 1720 and 1770, and they mainly settled into the Appalachian Mountains from Pennsylvania south into Kentucky, many staying around Philadelphia.


Answer by  triangular (148)

Either 1717-1770 into Pennsylvania (about 250,000 people), or 1881-1890 into New England and the Midwest (about 140,000 people). Remember though that the US/Canada border was loose at this time, so many Scots immigrated into Canada and then settled in the U. S. and vice versa.

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