Question by  jane51 (287)

What are the immigration laws for f2 status in USA?

I need USA immigration laws.


Answer by  AP88 (14)

The F2 visa is for spouses and children of (F1)student visa holders. It allows you to enter the US with your F1 relative. You are allowed to stay and travel in the US with your F1 relative as long as you and your F1 relative maintain valid visa status.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

F-2 status is granted to the spouse and/or dependents of an F-1 visa holder. If you have an F-1 visa (to study in the United States) you can apply for an F-2 visa for your spouse and dependents. They may not work or study (at university) under that visa.


Answer by  mmmlovesbella (5)

Before you retire or are terminated as a F1, you must be able to prove you have maintained status up until the time you file for the change to F2.

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