Question by  waterdog (7)

What kind of bug is this: beetle shaped larger than a June Bug, metallic colors of copper and brass thorax, and golden legs?

Found: beetle shaped like and slightly larger than a June Bug, has iridescent metallic colors of Copper and Brass along with a reddish sunburst on its Thorax and abdomen when held in the light. Its legs have a golden color to them.


Answer by  missy (17)

I believe that this type of insect is a Japanese Beetle. From my experience every Japanese Beetle I have ever seen this is a correct description of one. They are a beetle shaped insect. They have a iridescent color on them and their legs are a golden color. I have personally never held one up to the light.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

You have found the Plusiotis Gloriosa. This beetle actually belongs to the same family that the June bug does. They are native to Arizona, Texas and the surrounding areas. The reason they are so beautifully colored is to camouflage themselves to the juniper trees they eat and other native vegetation.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Have you considered a Japanese beetle? This sounds like what you are describing. These pesky little guys eat just about every type of foilage and can make a mess!


Answer by  jpowers (0)

I saw one of these beetles today for the first time in my garden. It was so beautiful and looked as if it was made of brass. But if they are from Texas and Arizonia it took a wrong turn. I live in Missouri in the Ozarks.

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