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Question by  henry740 (37)

When should a senior citizen be stopped from driving?

There are too many dangerous old people on the road.


Answer by  jsdk1234 (19)

I think all senior citizens should have to take driving tests at the age of 60 and then take them every 10 years after that. I do not think every senior citizen should be stopped from driving, as that would be unfair to the senior citizens who are perfectly capable. My grandma is 88 and still drives great.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

There is no magic age. it is up to the family of the elderly person as well as the elderly person. Older people should be required to take a course on recognizing the symptoms of poor driving so they can be aware of their driving habits. They should be required to have a doctor's concent to drive.


Answer by  lisel (18)

A senior citizen should be stopped from driving when their perceptions are not clear, and their reflexes are too slow.


Answer by  StaceyW (251)

I happen to agree with you. I think that after a specified age, senior citizens should be required to take yearly vision tests and disclose of any ailments they have.

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