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Question by  DanB (15)

When is the right time to harvest butternut squash?


Answer by  Syl (64)

The right time to harvest butternut squash is usually right after or around the first frost. Usually the stems turn tan color and look dried a bit when they are ready. They shouldn't ever get overripe, as once they do, they start to spoil quickly and therefore are unusable.

Reply by catman529 (809):
Um, butternut squash can be stored indoors up to 6 months without spoiling. It will only spoil if it has been damaged. Leaving it on the vine too long, though, could subject it to fungus and/or pests which would destroy it.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Watch your local weather forecast very carefully. When even the slightest mention of FROST is made, get your squashes indoors. I check all mine very carefully for damage etc, wrap them in old newspaper, and store them in a cool dark place. How to eat? Best roasted in slices.


Answer by  HulaGirl (28)

Butternut squash should be harvested in the fall, after the vine begins to die. The green lines on the squash should have faded so that the fruit is one color.


Answer by  Anonymous

I've had problems in the past leaving them on too long and bugs nibbling at them. Now it is mid-July and my butternuts are turning tan, and I expect if I harvest some of the tan turning ones the vines will be encouraged to produce.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Butternut squash can be used unripe, but it tastes best after it has been stored ripe for a few months. You can pick the squash ripe when the skin is light tan, or leave it on the vine till frost. Butternut can be stored up to 6 months off vine.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

You should harvest butternut squash when the fruit has turned a light tan color, its skin feels hard (a light touch with your fingernail won't puncture the skin), and it makes a thud sound when you knock on it.

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