Question by  anuramani (9)

When is the best time to feed a chocolate lab puppy?


Answer by  bmacavid (85)

Always after having some exercise or obedience training. Dogs should "earn" their food. If you want a balanced dog, you should expect him to follow your rules starting in puppyhood.


Answer by  Bonnie (89)

Labs are voracious eaters, so the very best times to feed them are in the morning after their first elimination, at noon and then again in the early evening.


Answer by  kochapi (11)

puppies must be fed at least 4 times a day until they are at least 6 months old. As soon as they wake up give a glass of milk and food, then at noon give them lunch, at afternoon and at night give them dinner and a glass of milk too


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Since puppies are growing its best to feed a puppy several times a day. I tend to feed my puppy three times a day. Once when she wakes up, once when I eat lunch and once at dinner time. Let your puppy have free range on its dry food though.

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