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Question by  Parvinderkaur (84)

When is a carotid sonogram used to diagnose the cause of vertigo?

I was diagnosed with vertigo two months ago and have yet to get any answers as to what is causing it.


Answer by  sadiesmom (254)

A carotid doppler is used to check blood flow in the carotid artery. If you are concerned that you may have a blockage, mention it to your doctor.


Answer by  pinoot1976 (267)

There are various causes of vertigo and many other possible diseases mimicking symptoms like vertigo. In particular, insufficient blood supply to the brain may give rise to these symptoms; and a Carotid Sonogram is then applied to identify the presence of carotid artery stenosis or occlusion. Generally, however, vertigo is a result of vertebro-basilar insufficiency rather than carotid insufficiency.

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