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Question by  lmastrobuono (36)

Why would a doctor ask to do a sonogram on my ovary if I'm on birth control?

I know I'm not pregnant, so why else would he ask for a sonogram?


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Sonograms are useful for determining any number of conditions inside the ovary. The uterus and ovaries are prone to cysts, and that risk can be increased by birth control for some women. Alternatively, birth control is not 100% effective and there is a chance you could still become pregnant. However, a sonogram of the ovary may not determine pregnancy.


Answer by  Bpg (84)

Ultrasound is not just for pregnancy. Doctors ask to do pevic ultrasounds to screen for several conditions. These conditions can include the following: assessing for ovarian cancer by looking for septated ovarian cysts or free fluid in the abdominal cavity, ruling out ovarian torsion (twisting of an ovary), checking for polycystic(multiple cysts) ovaries, or ruling out tumors.


Answer by  lynn (821)

A sonogram can tell you if there is anything wrong in the reproductive organs like cysts on the ovaries. That can happen even if you are on birth control.

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