Question by  likeajellyfish (15)

What are vertigo contacts?

I need to know more about vertigo contacts.


Answer by  Jon44 (87)

Vertigo is the sensation of dizzyness with a loss of the sense of balance. There are no contact lenses manufactured for the purpose of inducing vertigo upon the wearer. A sensation like vertigo may occur if the wearer has the wrong prescription or weighted lenses have not "floated" correctly.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

I think you have misinterpreted something. There aren't "vertigo contacts". Some contact lenses can *cause* vertigo. You should see a doctor if you are having this problem.


Answer by  carol35 (47)

Vertigo contacts are those that act to decrease the feeling of movement. These contacts can also decrease the nausea feeling that may persist whe naccompanied by frequent headaches. Your local eye care doctor can determine whether these types of contacts are necessary by running certain tests includding evaluating whether there are any inter ear infections present.


Answer by  Sarah5482 (120)

Vertigo can occur after putting in your contact lenses because vision is the second main stablizer of the brain after the inner ear. A different contact lens prescription may help this problem.


Answer by  girlygirl (58)

Sometimes contact lenses can cause vertigo or weakness. If the prescription is wrong in the contact lenses, you may experience headaches, dizziness, or have trouble walking. You should get your prescription checked by your optometrist.

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