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Question by  lostintexas (17)

When does glucose peak after eating?

I am trying to keep on eye on my glucose levels and want a better understanding of when to test and when not to test.


Answer by  vijayalakshmi61 (37)

it usually peak about one to one and half hours after eating,so it is better to test at that time but the test may not not be useful if it is performed after 3 hours.


Answer by  dvogele (121)

I have been testing mine for a while now on doctors orders. You should test your glucose levels approximately 2 hours after eating as the glucose level is at its peak around that time. All of my testing show this process to be very accurate as I tried 1 hour after and 3 hours after and its not as high.


Answer by  healthyme (50)

Simple carbohydrates will peak serum blood sugar in 10-30 minutes and then fall quickly. Complex carbohydrates, especially when paired with protein, rise more slowly, peaking at 1-2 hours.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

While we are in fasting or if we are not having our food in proper timing will lead to the increase the glucose level in our body. taking preventive medicine and having control of diet is very important.

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