Question by  scarver123 (15)

When does a cat have to get neutered?

I have had my cat for almost six months, and it doesn't seem to be a problem yet, but when should I take her in?


Answer by  step (309)

As soon as possible, 5 to 8 months is when the generally become fertile. For your reference though they neuter males and spay females.


Answer by  rot (91)

Cats should be neutered before they develop problematic behaviors such as spraying urine to mark their territory. Between five and nine months old is the usual time range, so six months would be good.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

She's just at the right age now. I know most say 8 weeks old but traditionally it is 6 months. The main reason many shelters, etc do the procedure earlier is because in the *old days* many adopted and promised to spay or neuter their pet but didn't.


Answer by  katie77 (96)

Anytime is a good time now that she is six months old. Cats just like human females have periods. That means the blood will come out of her vagina. Also, if she gets ouside (if she is an indoor cat) the boy cats will definitely try to mate with her and she can get pregnant the first time.

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