Question by  bjfu (19)

When considering the historical development of religious philosophy, whose philosophies do you think most advanced western religious thought? explain your answer.

Can you explain how religious philosophy has helped to expand western religious thought.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

I would argue that Socrates was the most influential in advancing western religious thought. His teaching style that explored how and why we think about things opened the door for western philosophers to explore questions that were closed to them in the past. His school of thought that every idea must be questioned and examined influenced thinkers through today.


Answer by  bluestar (100)

Expansion of religious philosophy came from individuals that could think outside conventional thought. Those who were strapped by fear of reprisal from their church certainly were also fearful of considering new or expanded religious ideas. Eastern religious philosophy allowed much more freedom of expression, which obviously allowed for expansion.


Answer by  Zuzu (200)

Tertullian's writings on Christianity in the 300's A. D. advanced western religious thought because he spoke about the decadent culture of Rome and how they lead to a doomed society.

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