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What are the historical facts in the movie "Glory"?

I need to know what the historical facts are in the movie Glory.


Answer by  jeancowling (40)

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw was a real character, but the others were composites. He was buried with his men. Private Trip would not have been flogged because it was outlawed by the Union army. There were to many accurate historical facts to list them all in less than 50 words.


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Cabot Forbes was not a real character, but there was someone that was in his place by the real name of william. And the name Cabot Forbes consisted of Col. Robert Shaw's two good friends

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Answer by  Brett (7986)

That there really was a first black regiment in the civil war, and he was lead by a white general (who went to Harvard), and they were based out of Boston (monument is there today which marks them)


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

the cinematography is wonderful, and all the acting is top-notch, even if Matthew Broderick seems a little too weak sometimes, and does not totally convince when his role asks for assertiveness. Theatmosphere one can breathe is wonderful,(and like in "Saving Private Ryan", one really does care for the soldiers portrayed).

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