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Question by  JackWetherson (13)

What reviews do you have on Advanced Artery Solution?

I have heard conflicting remarks about Advanced Artery Solution.


Answer by  jennifur75 (53)

The reviews about Advanced Artery Solution seem to be more negative then postive. The first red flag being the do not offer an adequate refund policy nor do they have positive customer testimonials. Even more troubling is that it has been referred to as a scam and the FDA has not evaluated it.


Answer by  beddingfield (14)

The product does not have a cholesterol-lowering drug in it or claim to have one. The product is able to attach to and remove toxins from your organs, body and bloodstream including heavy metals from your brain and calcium from your arteries that plaque attaches to and clogs your arteries.


Answer by  beddingfield (14)

I'm an educated guy and I've had excellent results using AAS. Chest pain I had for 10 years disappeared before I finished the first bottle and has not returned for over 2 years. I only took about 3 bottles of the stuff and had multiple, major benefits. Excellent, safe product.


Answer by  T1DM (175)

It does contain some ingredients that are not well understood like EDTA. It also Does not contain certain ingredients proven to reduce cholesterol. It has a poor refund policy but is fairly priced. If it is not properly stabilized cholecsterol levels it can have long term effects.

posted by Anonymous
Their refund policy is return AT ANY TIME for full refund. You cannot get better than that. They are also members of the BBB.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

All I can say is that my Husband has been taking them for almost a month.. He now has more energy, is happier and feels great.. and this from a man that USE to act and talk like he had one foot in the grave..My Husband Is Back!!


Answer by  mani (813)

Advanced Artery Solution is an Amino Acid supplement helps to reduce cholesterol. Certain vitamins included in artery solution are Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6 Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Folic Acid, Magnesium are also included. But any improperly formulated products will cause side effects to customers.


Answer by  gucciman (3)

What is the preoccupation with cholestrol. As I understand it this product is to help detoxification and improve the blood flow in the arteries, and this is what improves the quality of life of users. The question is does it do that?


Answer by  swizlstk65 (33)

While Advanced Artery Solution may be affordable, easy to purchase, and claim to reduce cholesterol levels by a detoxifying process, it lacks a known cholesterol-reducing agent and product information.

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